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About Course

If you want to learn Arabic, but do not have much time or effort to dedicate for learning a new language, then this course is for you.

I will show you the easiest method ever to learn the Arabic language without having to spend many hours a day learning or paying a lot of money to achieve considerable results.

I will show you a proven system to learn Arabic in (6 months) using only (45 minutes) a day, and with the least effort possible.

There are three main problems that always get in your way while learning any new language, and if you have tried before to learn Arabic or any other language, you will surely relate to these problems.

The first problem is that most of the time you feel lost, not knowing the best next thing to learn, and you cannot accurately measure your progress.

The second problem is that, you are always good with the start, but never with continuity.

The third problem is that after a while, you find yourself good with understanding, but still not fluent enough to speak confidently until the moment when you feel that this language is only made for its natives, not for you, (which is by the way not correct otherwise you wouldn’t have seen me able to make this course seamlessly in my second language), right?

The root cause for feeling lost and unable to monitor your progress is that you do not have a SYSTEM to follow

Meanwhile, the main cause for discontinuity and not lasting long after taking the decision to start, is that you do not create a HABIT. And you might be shocked when you know that creating a habit is easier than you think.

Now the main reason for being good at understanding while not being the best thing in speaking fluently is that the way you learn focuses only on your listening skills without any INTERACTION from your side.

Now in order to solve these main problems of not having a SYSTEM that supports developing a HABIT and maintaining a good level of INTERACTION, we came up with this new solution.

It is called System Arabia, and it is designed in a way to solve all these language learning problems, therefore better outcomes and less effort to achieve them.

And here’s a very quick example of how this system can help you in your Arabic learning progress. After 8 days, you will be able to read, pronounce and write any Arabic word. After 15 days, you will be able to greet people, introduce yourself to people and getting to know other people along with few other things like parts of the day, for example.

And every 7 or 8 days, we will give you a quick brief on things that you can do up till that point so that you can speak in these subjects confidently.

System Arabia equals HABIT plus INTERACTION.

In order to develop the HABIT, you will be provided with a timeline sheet that contains a specific daily task for each and every day throughout the period of the program

The INTERACTION part is ensured by providing four quick exercises for each lesson you take, making sure that for each lesson, you practice on all four skills.

Here’s how this solution is different from the other ones.

This solution is mainly designed to create a habit with the least amount of time and effort possible. It also aims for you to be the one who do most of the work so that you will be highly interacting in practicing the language. And all this in a practical and affordable way.

Now let me give you a thorough review of how this works.

First, we will focus in our study on what’s called MSA, or the modern standard Arabic. The good thing about it is that all Arabs can speak and understand the MSA because this is the written language that they all use. This language is also simple and does not contain old words or lots of slang, in order to serve the same purpose, that anyone in any Arab country can use it and understand it to communicate with others speaking Arabic from different countries.

Once you open your account, you will have the following:

– A timeline sheet: It gives you as we said the specific daily tasks required from you starting from day 1 to day 180.

– The content: This content could be a lesson, an exercise, a revision,…

– And a day streak printable sheet: after you print out this sheet, once you finish your daily task, you will make a check on this day that you just finished.

Now here’s exactly what you get once you enroll in this program:

This program is not only one course, it consists of 5 courses:

– The Lessons Course: It contains 136 lessons divided into 6 levels.

– The Exercises Course: It basically consists of 4 exercise lessons for each one of the 136 lessons which totals 544 exercises.

– The Sentence Assembly Course: These are 6 lessons at the end of each level compiling all the knowledge you took throughout the level.

– The Revision Course: These are 9 lessons at the end of the program, and in each one of them, you will find all what you need to know about a specific subject that we took throughout the program, like verbs, numbers, questions and so on.

– The Grammar Course: This course contains 8 lessons that will change your mind about what you always hear, that grammar in Arabic is the hardest thing ever. These 8 lessons are very quick yet effective and to the point episodes. They will cover all the basics you need to know about the Arabic grammar.

Plus, you will be protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case that you find by any means that what we promise here is not what’s inside the program, or in case you find out for any reason that this is not an effective way to learn (which is highly doubted), or it just does not worth the money, or any other reason, just contact us within the first 30 days asking for a full refund. No questions asked. Full refund.

As you can see, the main goal of this program is to show you that you can learn Arabic as a new language in an easy and effective way that’s not available in other conventional methods. So, just like what we did in putting all the effort in designing and creating the system so that you can learn with the least possible effort, we are also ready to take any financial risks off your shoulders and put them on ours so that you can also take the decision to start with the least effort.

Now, this course will need commitment from your side and willingness to learn. So, if only you are serious about learning Arabic, this program will show you the proven easiest system to learn with the least possible amount of time and effort.

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What Will You Learn?

  • A Timeline Sheet with a 6-month plan providing you with specific daily tasks
  • A Day Streak Sheet to monitor your progress
  • How to Understand, Read, Pronounce and Write any Arabic word in 8 days
  • The Lessons Course: 136 lessons divided into 6 levels covering all daily life topics
  • The Exercises Course: 544 lessons, 4 lessons for each one of the 136 lessons in The Lessons Course, focusing on the practice of all four skills
  • The Sentence Assembly Course: 6 lessons at the end of each level compiling all the knowledge from what's learned throughout the level
  • The Revision Course: 9 lessons with comprehensive overview on 9 different topics discussed throughout The Lessons Course
  • The Grammar Course: 8 to-the-point lessons simplifying all the important rules in Arabic grammar

Course Content


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  • A Never-Ending Course Inside!
  • Introduction

Lessons Course – Level 1

Lessons Course – Level 2

Lessons Course – Level 3

Grammar Course

Conversations Course

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